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Digi360 Cloud Storage

On Premise to the Cloud
Migrate your on premise file server to the cloud and reduce cost. Digi360 is a fully hosted software as a service that allows your business to focus on core business processes. Retire expensive on site equipment and pay only for active users.
Secure Content in the Cloud
Digi360 lets you store files in the cloud hosted in highly available datacenters around the world. Store away your most secure information. Your data is secured in transit and at rest meeting HIPAA & PCI compliance.
Share Files with your Teams
Easily share documents with teams. Upload and download files on demand. Digi360 allows your team to access files as needed with specific permissions. Only allow users with permissions to access folders.
Compliance & More
Government compliance is our top priority. Clients that are required to meet strict Government requirements, Digi360 supports guidelines outlined by officials and regulators. User Auditing allows for tracking of all activity and registers is for later reporting requirements.
Advanced Security
Digi360 advanced security state-of -the-art detection technologies, including device fingerprinting, protects against automated traffic with an unparalleled level of precision and control. All incoming traffic is constantly measured and if a threshold is exceeded an attack is suspected and all traffic is challenged to verify it is coming from a human.
User Auditing
User Audit allows the administrator to see every action a user has taken and flags suspicious activity with detection alerts. Easily obtain trace of users access, deletion, or transfer of any file within your companies share drive. Digi360's advanced capabilities offers administrators and owners full visibility through their business to protect the most valuable information.
Team Collaboration with ease

Granular Folder Control

Advanced Folder Permissions

Digi360 advanced folder permissions gives folder owners the ability to give folder level access to groups. On folder copy sub-folders inherit permissions from the parent folder. This provides  a high level of authentication by keeping sensitive folders secure.





Limited Time Promotion
  • 5 - 20 users
  • File sharing
  • Folder permissions by group
  • Admin manager with Auditing
  • Secure file sharing of up to 100GB
  • 1TB online storage
  • HIPAA NIST Compliant
  • File locking
  • Team chat
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Emilia Clarke
Designated Exceptional Service For Independence,
Office Manager
"Amazing experience using Digi360, extremely user friendly. As a manager I could easy provide access to employees when needed. New employees are swiftly added with department permissions which is a huge plus!"
Emilia Clarke
Claims Director
"System is easy to use and accessible from anywhere. File sharing between everyone is easy and makes everything much faster and no need to connect via VPN to access files. I like that you can upload large files."